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Pipette filler Pipetting from 0.1 ml to 200 ml

Editor: Dipl.-Chem. Marc Platthaus

The Pipetus from Hirschmann combines many years of experience, innovative technology and superior-quality materials.

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(Source: Hirschmann)

Charging and dispensing of the medium is realised at the press of a button. Exact meniscus configuration is enabled through fine dispensing valves with valve pins made of ceramic compound. The valves are free of wear and offer maximum chemical resistance.

An exact and continuously adjustable pumping and suctioning speed can be selected for both filling and venting within five precisely harmonized performance stages. The integrated colour display shows the pipetting mode, speed levels and charging status of the battery. Battery charging is realised without contacts and controlled by a microprocessor in an inductive charging station. The ergonomic shape aids non-fatiguing work. Achema: Hall 4.1, Stand L35