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Process Analytical Technology

PAT is The Key to a Better Process

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Real-time measurement speeds up processes and conserves resources.

Many companies, however, are beginning to rethink their position on the idea. Pharmaceutical companies engaged in research and innovation are particularly aware of the benefits of PAT instrumentation and are conducting intensive work on its applications. This had led, for instance, to NIR becoming the accepted standard for some applications, such as blender monitoring.

It has also resulted to a sharp increase in demand for PAT solutions at Glatt Integrated Process Solutions within the last five years. Glatt is a specialist in integrated process solutions for developing, processing, and manufacturing powder solids, and supports its customers along every link of the process chain.

The company has already been addressing the subject of process analysis technology for many years. The advantages of using process-analytical methods are especially clear: improved process understanding, higher process reliability, and reproducible product quality.

The benefits can most easily seen in real-time measurement: Firstly, resources can be saved during process development, process transfer, and process optimization. Secondly, the optimum process parameters can be identified more quickly because the influence of parameter settings can be monitored directly and displayed in real time during process operation. Many customers therefore also use PAT to optimize the statistical design of experiments; that is to say, the design of experiments required by the FDA.