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Gel Electrophoresis Next Generation of Gel Documentation Systems

Editor: Doris Popp

When international bioresearch equipment provider Labnet International launched their popular Electrophoresis and Molecular Biology product line in 2002, the brand included a single Integrated Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis unit.

Enduro GDS II and GDS Touch II
Enduro GDS II and GDS Touch II
(Source: Labnet International)

Fast forward to 2019 and that product line now includes over 30 electrophoresis products. Today, the Enduro line has further expanded with the addition of the next generation of gel documentation systems, the Enduro GDS II and GDS Touch II. The new gel documentation systems are used for visualization of DNA and protein stained within a gel, providing photo documentation for these gels in a laboratory setting. The GDS II comes in either a 302 nm or 365 nm version and runs on Windows-based PCs. The GDS Touch II comes in either a 302 nm or 365 nm wavelength version, with 470 nm epi-blue lights for use with Safe Dyes that eliminate the need for ethium bromide. The GDS Touch II also includes a built-in Windows 10 tablet computer. Both versions come with an added storage location on top to help maximize bench space. According to the company the Region of interest (ROI) function allows optimal exposure in less than 30 seconds.