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Materials Science New Trio of Rheometers

Editor: Doris Popp

Waters Corporation introduced new products that should bring greater productivity and efficiency to materials science research.

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Discovery X3 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)
Discovery X3 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)
(Source: Business Wire)

The new Discovery X3 Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Discovery Hybrid Rheometers and TAM IV Micro XL isothermal microcalorimeter support the development of next-generation, high performance materials and products. According to the company the new Discovery X3 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) generates three times the amount of experimental data as a standard DSC, consolidating three instruments into one. The data quality and sensitivity of the instrument allows researchers to compare various formulations or competitive materials side-by-side under the same test conditions. This new trio of high-performance rheometers are five times more sensitive than previous versions and offer versatility in a platform that makes it easier for users to obtain accurate rheological data. Scientists are now empowered to measure weak intermolecular structures, lower viscosities, and obtain results on smaller volumes of low viscosity or weakly structured fluids than previously possible.