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UV-Visible Spectrometer Monitoring Dispersion Experiments in Real Time

Editor: Doris Popp

With its Flow-UV inline UV-Visible spectrometer Uniqsis would like to set a new benchmark for real-time dispersion and nanoparticle distribution and agglomeration experiments.

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Flow-UV inline UV-Visible spectrometer
Flow-UV inline UV-Visible spectrometer
(Source: Uniqsis)

Designed for use with almost any commercially available flow chemistry system, Flow-UV allows dispersion experiments to be monitored in real time so that product collection can be controlled according to the onset and decline of steady-state conditions.

It also provides a useful indication that steady state is maintained consistently throughout a continuous flow-through process. UV-Visible measurements can also be particularly significant for nanoparticle distribution and provide information about particle size and whether agglomeration is occurring.