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Reactors Low Temperature Reactions

Editor: Doris Popp

The Drysyn Snowstorm systems from Asynt deliver precise temperature control of reactions from -60 to 150 °C.

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Drysyn Snowstorm reactor
Drysyn Snowstorm reactor
(Source: Asynt)

They have been designed to be user friendly, with a small bench top footprint. The Drysyn Snowstorm One enables controlled chemistry to be conducted on single flasks up to 1 litre in size, whilst the Snowstorm Multi allows for up to three 100 ml parallel reactions to be undertaken. The use of a weighted silicone seal prevents the formation of ice around the glassware on these systems. For smaller scale experiments, the Drysyn Snowstorm Reactor allows increased throughput and screening of up to 27 vial-based reactions. Purging the dome with nitrogen / argon prevents the formation of ice around the vials at sub-ambient temperatures.

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