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2D Barcode Reader Low Light Barcode Reader

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Cyclops by Ziath is a linear and 2D barcode reader for its Datapaq Mirage, Cube and Express rack readers. It is designed to accurately read linear or 2D codes printed on the edge of tube racks.

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Cyclops is a linear and 2D barcode reader
Cyclops is a linear and 2D barcode reader
(Source: Ziath)

This enables laboratories to use racks without an integral “97”th code or orientation barcode on the underside. The Cyclops also illuminates the side of the barcoded rack during read, ensuring an accurate rack read under all lighting conditions.

It is also able to read barcodes on racks of different size, and with variations in the location of the printed code on larger racks without requiring any adjustment. Using Ziath’s powerful DP5 high-speed rack decoding software an attached Cyclops reader can be selected as on or off according to the rack type in use, according to the firm.
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