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Germany: Digital Trade Fair Edition Laboratory Automation: Meet Analytik Jena at SLAS 2021 Digital

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

The 2021 SLAS Conference and Exhibition, the international trade fair for laboratory automation, will be held completely digitally this year. Analytik Jena will be there, offering participants of the online trade fair the opportunity to experience products, solutions and expert knowledge up close, despite the physical distance.

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Analytik Jena's presence at the trade fair will focus on new challenges faced by laboratories.
Analytik Jena's presence at the trade fair will focus on new challenges faced by laboratories.
(Source: Guido Werner)

Jena/Germany — The laboratory industry is facing significant challenges. Laboratories around the world must cope with an ever-increasing number of samples. In addition, the demands on data quality and instrument flexibility are increasing. The automation solutions shown by Jena Analytik at SLAS 2021 Digital address these challenges and offer laboratories ways to increase throughput and analysis quality. Visitors can find out intuitively about products and solutions at the virtual booth or exchange information directly with the company's team via video chat. Highlights include several new automation products and an Exhibitor Tutorial on the Cybio Felix pipetting platform. More details on the new products will be announced by the company shortly before the show.

SLAS 2021 Digital will run from January 25 to 27. Visitors can register here. Analytik Jena's Exhibitor Tutorial will be broadcast live at 4:30 p.m EST. on January 25.

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