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China: IT Solutions Labforward Announces Rebranding of IoT Platform

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

At the Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrument Analysis (BCEIA) Labforward announced a major rebranding to unify its products under a new identity.

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Labforward announced a major rebranding at BCEIA in Beijing, China.
Labforward announced a major rebranding at BCEIA in Beijing, China.
(Source: Bernhard Ludewig/ Labfolder)

Beijing/China — Labforward's product cubuslab, an Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform for laboratory devices, will now be marketed under the brand of Laboperator. The electronic lab notebook software (ELN) Labfolder will retain its original name.

With this rebranding, the company wants to make sure everyone in the market understands the connection between the individual products and the goal of the company, i.e. to support them in their discoveries. The rebranding includes a redesign of the company and product logos, a relaunch of the websites, rebranded graphics and other visual communications. The overall goal is to convey very technical solutions for a complex industry in an understandable way. Apart from an updated Corporate Identity (CI), the products remain unchanged.

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