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Quat Pesticide Determination Ion Exchange Column for Food Safety Analysis

Source: Press release

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced its new Dionex Ionpac CS21 ion exchange column which offers reliable, accurate and compliant food safety analysis. The ion exchange column will enable in quat pesticide determination and quantitation workflows to protect food supply.

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Thermo Scientific Dionex Ionpac CS21-Fast-4m ion exchange column.
Thermo Scientific Dionex Ionpac CS21-Fast-4m ion exchange column.
(Source: Business Wire)

Thermo Fisher Scientific is providing laboratories performing food safety analysis with a new ion chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (IC-MS/MS) workflow solution for regulatory compliant, cost-effective and reliable analysis of quaternary ammonium pesticides (Quats).

The new Dionex Ionpac CS21-Fast-4µm ion exchange column enables scientists to easily and accurately determine and quantify the four cationic pesticides: diquat, paraquat, mepiquat and chlormequat, mentions the firm. These highly polar, permanently charged chemicals are notoriously challenging to analyze, and have, until now, required complex workflows that are prone to quantitation errors. To meet regulatory requirements across Europe, Asia and the Americas, and promote consumer safety, it is paramount for food safety laboratories to reliably determine the residue levels of these pesticides in or on food products.

The ion exchange column is the gold-standard column for use in the firm’s Quat determination and quantitation workflow. Ion chromatography has an advantage over other technologies as it causes fewer matrix effects, and delivers superior retention and separation of ionic species, states the company.

When coupled with the TSQ Altis Plus triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, food safety testing laboratories will benefit from reliable and robust Quat analysis that confidently meets regulatory requirements, while improving laboratory productivity, adds the company. Ionpac CS21 and Thermo Scientific TSQ Altis Plus triple quadrupole mass spectrometer complement the existing Anionic Pesticide Explorer (APX) solution from the firm, providing total coverage for all polar, highly polar, ionic and ionizable food contaminants in one IC-MS/MS system. Together, the system and new column can determine and quantify not only Quats, but also glyphosate and its metabolites, and related compounds, concludes the company.