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Incubators Incubators for Stable and Homogeneous Temperatures

Editor: Doris Popp

The latest generation of Hettcube incubators from Hettich is used in microbiological diagnostics, clinical chemistry, industry and research. According to the company, Hettcube incubators guarantee stable and homogeneous temperatures across a much larger part of the interior than conventional incubators do.

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Hettcube incubators
Hettcube incubators
(Source: Hettich)

This provides up to 30 % more validated usable space for the same interior space. In addition, the tall design of Hettcube incubators requires up to 50 % less floor space for comparable capacity. Thanks to their effective thermal insulation and control systems, the units have low energy consumption. As a result, because the self-heating of the unit is very low when active heating is not in use, units without cooling can provide a stable working temperature just 1 °C above the ambient temperature. Hettich never cools or heats at the same time; the unit uses the energy specifically for the samples in the interior. The extensive standard equipment of the Hettcube 200, 400 and 600 models, with and without cooling, includes features such as a 4.3-in. touchscreen display that provides full transparency into the incubation process.