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UK: Particle Size Analysis Image Analysis System for Advanced Pore Measurement

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Whitehouse Scientific has launched its new Pore Sizer system for image analysis — a static image analysis system that measures particle size and shape, sieve meshes and filter pores using an optical microscope and 1.4 megapixel camera.

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Pore Sizer is a static image analysis system which measures particles, sieve meshes and filter pores.
Pore Sizer is a static image analysis system which measures particles, sieve meshes and filter pores.
(Source: Whitehouse Scientific)

Chester/UK — According to the manufacturer, the system is specifically designed for the measurement of geometric pore sizes of filter media and provides a transparent measurement process that is validated and fully traceable using certified reference standards.

The analysis system can display live video, analysis, measurement and setting on a single screen. Analysis can be tailored with numerous size and shape definitions, as well as logarithmic and linear graphs, number and volume analysis and outlier removal, the developers say. Further features include: preformatted certificate templates for inclusion in reports; comparison of a multitude of data files or with other samples for reproducibility analysis; automatic online updates of the system; and a performance check workflow.

Dr. Graham Rideal, CEO at Whitehouse Scientific, comments. “The PoreSizer pushes new boundaries in image analysis and allows an array of measurement options including geometric pore size, maximum aperture, aperture shape, wire diameter, wire count, open area, wire spacing, pore count and mesh cut point, to name a few. We are delighted that pre-sales have already been achieved in Japan and are expecting more and more interest as the product’s impressive features are communicated to the market.”

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