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Germany: Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer High-Sensitivity Combustion Analyzer

Editor: Alexander Stark

Bruker launched the new G4 Icarus Series 2, a versatile, high-sensitivity combustion analyzer for carbon and sulfur concentration measurements in inorganic samples.

G4 Icarus Series 2 – High-performance carbon and sulfur analyzer
G4 Icarus Series 2 – High-performance carbon and sulfur analyzer
(Source: Bruker)

Karlsruhe/Germany — The new analyzer extends the company’s line of compact, high-efficiency and low-maintenance combustion analyzers by introducing novel, high-sensitivity detection technology in combination with a unique, industry-proven furnace.

The series is equipped with High Sense LED-powered detectors based on Non-Dispersive UV (NDUV) absorption photometry for sulfur detection. In contrast to traditional IR absorption detectors, High Sense delivers a ten times better signal-to-noise ratio and a linear dynamic range of five orders of magnitude with no spectral or thermal interference. Based on this novel detection technique, the new solution outperforms conventional combustion analyzers in analytical precision and accuracy, making it an excellent tool for demanding applications in academic and industrial laboratories, the company claims.

The furnace zone of the G4 Icarus Series 2 is shielded by the manufacturer’s Zone Protect technology, ensuring clean, efficient combustion with minimum maintenance and low cost of operation. Integrated automatic cleaning reduces cycle times to below one minute, and thereby increases sample throughput. This makes the series suitable for quality control in primary metal manufacturing, ceramics, mining and cement industries.