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Spectrophotometer Getting to the smaller details of photometry

Editor: Doris Popp

The Jenway Genova Nano Micro-Volume UV/Visible Spectrophotometer is qualified for frequently work with small volume samples.

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(Source: Jenway)

The system provided by Cole-Parmer minimises losses of samples while reducing the need for dilutions and the requirement for cuvettes. The Jenway Genova Nano technology is ideal to undertake frequent purity and concentration measurements of micro-volumes (0.5 µl). Ultra-micro volume cuvettes are available, accommodating sample volumes as little as 20 ul. If the sample is of a sufficient concentration it is recommended to use a Traycell. It is a fiber-optic, ultra-micro cell designed for measurements of extremely small sample volumes of DNA, RNA or protein (0.7 µl), with sample concentrations ranging from 25 to 4250 µg/ml. The dimensions of the Traycell are equivalent to a standard 10 mm path length cuvette and so will fit in all Jenway spectrophotometers and micro-cuvette holders.