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Laboratory Equipment Generate Nitrogen

Editor: Dipl.-Chem. Marc Platthaus

Peak Scientific has unveiled a new addition to its Solaris Nitrogen range.

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Solaris XE
Solaris XE
(Source: Peak Scientific)

The Solaris XE can deliver up to 35L/min, at purity levels of up to 99.5% making it the ideal gas solution for LC-MS. With variable purity in relation to outlet flow and pressure, the Solaris XE is also capable of supplying Compact MS instruments or multiple Evaporative Light Scattering Detector instruments simultaneously. The Solaris XE has been specifically designed to provide nitrogen to laboratories that utilize an external source of compressed air and its compact chassis allows it to be placed on a benchtop or on a wall, making it an space-saving solution for the lab.

As with all Peak Scientific products, Solaris XE is engineered, assembled and performance tested at the company’s ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing center in the UK.

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