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Flow Chemistry Systems For Research and Education

Editor: Doris Popp

Available in a choice of configurations the Uniqsis Flowlab range are affordable and easy-to-use flow chemistry systems.

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Uniqsis Flowsyn system
Uniqsis Flowsyn system
(Bild: Uniqsis)

They are ideal for use in research, education and for those wishing to try flow chemistry without the associated costs of a fully automatic system. Built around the same high quality components as used in the widely acclaimed Uniqsis Flowsyn system, both the Flowlab and Flowlab Cold offer uncompromised performance at an entry-level price. The Flowlab system comprises two high pressure pumps, a Hotcoil coil reactor station and Flowlab system control computer. The computer, pumps and Hotcoil are connected over a LAN using an Ethernet hub. In this way, the system can be controlled remotely by Wi-Fi, allowing the control computer to be conveniently operated outside the fume hood. Flowlab Cold includes the Polar Bear Plus Flow module which provides cooling down to -40 °C without the need for liquid nitrogen or solid carbon dioxide (Cardice).

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