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Slide Scanner For Quantitative Data Analysis

Editor: Doris Popp

The new Olympus Slideview VS200 slide scanner captures high-quality virtual slide images and offers flexibility to empower advanced quantitative image analysis for brain, cancer and stem cell research, as well as drug discovery.

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Slideview VS200 slide scanner
Slideview VS200 slide scanner
(Source: Olympus)

Its intuitive workflows enable users to start scanning a slide in as few as two clicks. By employing Olympus X Line objectives at the core of the system, users obtain flatter images with a wider field of view and no intensity fall-off near the periphery. Scientists can see more of their slides in less time with the system’s lineup of flexible features. It is possible to switch between brightfield, fluorescence, darkfield, phase contrast and simple polarization. Combining different observation methods leads to view structures that are only visible under certain conditions.

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