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Analysis System For Long Term Live-Cell Experiments

Editor: Doris Popp

The new Incucyte SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System is the latest in the Sartorius’ line of live-cell analysis products.

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Incucyte SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System
Incucyte SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System
(Source: Sartorius)

The Incucyte SX5 offers new capabilities, including novel optics, a new line of paired reagents, and purpose-built software to enable researchers to draw greater insight from every live cell experiment. With its new optical design, the Incucyte SX5 offers up to five different fluorescence channels, up to three at a time, extending the applications and cell models that can be explored. With the unique fluorescence configuration, plus HD phase optics, more data is generated from every imaging session, enabling unique insights from complex cell models. Three color channels allow users to not only save time but ask more of their cell models. For instance, co-cultures are easily explored, with two channels used to identify attributes of two cell types, plus a third channel to detect health or function. And because the Incucyte SX5 can address up to six independent microplate experiments in parallel, it streamlines live-cell imaging and analysis in lab settings where multiple individuals are using the instrument concurrently.

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