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Microwave Synthesizer For Larger Scale Reactions

Editor: Doris Popp

The new Discover 2.0 microwave synthesizer is a significant update to CEM’s existing Discover product line.

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Discover 2.0 microwave synthesizer
Discover 2.0 microwave synthesizer
(Source: CEM)

Major new features of the system include a new temperature control system, the ability to run larger scale reactions, and a completely new software control system with built-in video monitoring. The iWave temperature control system used on the Discover 2.0 is a major breakthrough. It is based on a unique infrared (IR) sensor that sees through glass and Teflon vessels. This allows for direct monitoring of the reaction solution (instead of the vessel walls) without the use of expensive and cumbersome internal probes. The more accurate temperature measurement of the iWave system provides better reaction control, the ability to use Teflon-lined vessels, and improved reproducibility for publications.

The Discover 2.0 also features a new, larger 100 mL glass reaction vessel, not previously available. This is the largest reaction vessel available for a single-mode microwave synthesizer and can be used with a simple snap-on cap, similar to the 10 and 35 mL vessels also standard to the system. All vessels used on the Discover 2.0 can be visually monitored with a built-in camera on a 10.1" touchscreen. Additionally, the systems Activent pressure management incorporates automatic venting to control over-pressurization during any run. A complete line of accessories is available for use with the Discover 2.0. These include auto-samplers for running up to 48 reactions, a gaseous reagent system, a sub-ambient temperature system, a continuous flow capability, and liquid handling for peptide synthesis.

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