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Releasable Antibodies For Label-free Cells

Editor: Doris Popp

The new Realease Releasable Antibodies from Miltenyi Biotec allow for the removal of antibodies after cell sorting in just one step.

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Realease Releasable Antibodies
Realease Releasable Antibodies
(Source: Miltenyi Biotec)

Multicolor flow cytometry-based cell sorting is the method of choice for isolating specific cell subsets. However, downstream applications using isolated cells are often limited since fluorescence channels and epitopes are blocked by the antibody-fluorochrome conjugates utilized for the flow sorting process. Miltenyi Biotec’s Realease Releasable Antibodies with the Realease Fluorochrome Technology can be removed from cells after sorting. According to the company sorted cells are label-free to provide maximal flexibility in downstream applications. Further benefits of the new Realease Releasable Antibodies are that marker epitopes become accessible again for downstream applications (e.g. cell culture experiments and cell analysis). Furthermore fluorescence channels become available again for analysis of relabeled cells (e.g. microscopy applications).

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