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Switzerland: Pharmaceutical Research Europe's Largest Conference on Drug Discovery & Life Sciences Takes Place in Basel

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Basel Life takes place annually in September, replacing the originally “Basel Life Sciences Week” conference.

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Basel Life will host 12 Innovation Forums this year.
Basel Life will host 12 Innovation Forums this year.
(Source: Congrex Switzerland)

Basel/Switzerland — The conference draws 3,000 participants, over 100 vendors from over 50 countries each year. The event takes place at the Congress Center Basel (Switzerland) from 10–13 September 2017 and offers a high-calibre program. The new concept divides the original conference into three pillars: Innovation Forums, Embo at Basel Life, Miptec.

This autumn, the scientific elite in pharmaceutical research will again come together in Basel. The event has grown from its origins as a specialist conference for laboratory automation into a leading global conference in the life sciences sector.

By offering a broad and diverse but also deeply scientific conference program, the conference plays a vital role in helping pharma and biotech scientists successfully attack the significant challenges in modern-day drug research and development work.

Innovation Forums With Leading Science Experts

Basel Life will host twelve Innovation Forums this year. The science programme will have multiple streams with leading science experts covering advances in aging, artificial intelligence, global healthcare roadmap transformation in disease management, microfluidics, best practices in next generation sequencing and clinical genomics, biotherapeutics, biocatalyses, digital biomarkers, medicinal chemistry, peptide therapies and pluripotent stem cells in disease modelling and drug discovery.

The Innovation Forums place a topic in the spotlight: academic and industry researchers discuss technological and product-related aspects, but, more importantly, they also discuss implementation to foster the interdisciplinary exchange of the attendees.

Embo Covers Current Topics In Life Sciences

Additionally to Innovation Forums we are happy to announce the Embo at Basel Life. Embo and a committee of leading scientists have organized this international scientific conference on current and emerging topics in the life sciences to be held as part of Basel Life. The first event will be dedicated to Genomes in Biology and Medicine. The topic provides a link to the Swiss and European personalised health initiatives and will also reflect the strength of the Basel Life Science Cluster.

The meeting will cover the whole spectrum of genome-based research, from genotype and therapeutics, genome engineering, imaging genomes, RNA, microbiome, bacterial genomes and resistance, epigenetics, clinical concerns, date storage, analysis and bioinformatics.

The conference will bring the best in fundamental research to a wide audience, ranging from leading experts in their fields to young researchers at the beginning of their careers, and to students. It aims to foster a fruitful exchange between researchers from academia, clinics, pharmaceutical and biotech industry, and it will promote excellence in the life sciences to a wide audience.

Miptec — Exhibition with Cutting Edge Technology

Parallel to the scientific program, the Miptec exhibition will take place in Hall 4.1 in the Congress Center Basel. The Miptec exhibition brings together over 100 vendors to showcase cutting-edge technologies that advance research and development in the life sciences. This is a growing and prestigious exhibition, which offers services and technologies in the field of basic and applied research and development. In 2016, 3,000 visitors took the chance to network with vendors and get a glimpse of the newest products and services.

Product Innovation Award And Platform for Start-Ups

In 2017 the Product-Innovation Award will return to recognize outstanding achievements in the development of novel technologies. And the Innovation Village, a platform for start-ups in the life sciences, will be expanded to enable more startups to participate.

The exhibition offers companies the opportunity to increase their visibility, to build brand awareness, to market their latest products, and to network with end-users. We invite the pharmaceutical and technology industries in the life sciences to participate actively in this exhibition.

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