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Acquisition Eppendorf expands its portfolio to address customers’ separation needs

Source: Press release

Eppendorf expanded its centrifuge offering with the acquisition of the centrifugation business of the Japanese company Koki Holdings whose products are marketed globally under the brand name Himac in 2020.

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Lab scene Centrifuge CS150NX
Lab scene Centrifuge CS150NX
(Source: Michael Wurzbach)

The introduction of the portfolio under the Eppendorf umbrella began with the launch of the CP22N and CP30NX high-speed, floor-standing centrifuges in 2021 and has now been completed with the addition of the CP-NX and CS-(F)NX series ultracentrifuges. The extended product line, which includes rotors, adapters, consumables and services, enables Eppendorf to provide centrifugation solutions for an even broader range of applications at speeds up to 150,000 rpm (1,050,000 x g).

The ergonomic design of the ultracentrifuges and micro-ultracentrifuges includes a large touch screen, fast start-up time, compact design, and low noise level. The rotor life management system of the CP-NX series enables tracking of rotor usage, eliminating the need for manual log books and extending the overall rotor lifetime.

Smart, non-contact imbalance sensors safeguard users during ultra-speed applications and allow for quick sample balancing by eye (within 5 mm sample height difference), with no need for scales. Eppendorf is dedicated to ensuring reliable performance with expanded service solutions for both new and existing Himac high-speed and ultracentrifuges worldwide.

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