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Gender Equality Eppendorf Donates More than 20 Thousand Dollars for Encouraging Women in Science

From Ahlam Rais

Eppendorf has donated the hefty amount to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory’s (EMBL) project ‘Advancement of Women in Science’ which encourages women scientists to begin managerial careers in scientific fields by providing them with the necessary qualifications. With the help of the donation, 20 female postdocs will be able to join the project.

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Edith Heard, the Director General of the EMBL.
Edith Heard, the Director General of the EMBL.
(Source: Stuart Ingham/Eppendorf)

Hamburg/Germany – Eppendorf recently donated 22,480 dollars (20,000 euros) to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) during an online presentation ceremony. The funds are for the EMBL project ‘Advancement of Women in Science,’ which enables women scientists to begin managerial careers in scientific fields.

In her remarks thanking the company for the donation, Edith Heard, the Director General of the EMBL, described the gift as an important signal for the qualification of women researchers. Heard said the managerial level in the scientific community was characterized by a clear gender-specific imbalance: “To offset this disparity, the EMBL took action in 2020 and initiated a program called ‘Leadership and Excellence for Aspiring Women Postdocs’ (LEAP) that includes a one-year mentoring and coaching program. This generous donation from Eppendorf will enable 20 additional female postdocs to gain the qualifications they need for managerial careers. We hope that they go on to become group leaders, leading researchers and assistant professors in scientific fields.”

Inclusion and diversity are important issues at the Eppendorf Group, said Eva van Pelt, Co-CEO of Eppendorf: “Solidarity, tolerance and diversity are the defining features of the cosmopolitan culture that Eppendorf fosters and the foundation of the company’s success. The disparity between the number of men and women who hold managerial positions in the scientific community is a serious problem. Increasing the visibility of women in science is both a declared goal and an important concern at Eppendorf.”

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