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For Synthesis labs Entry Level Support Stand for Lab Reactors

Editor: Dipl.-Chem. Marc Platthaus

Asynt announces its newest member of the Reacto-Mate reactor family, the Quantum support stand is the perfect addition to any process chemistry laboratory.

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Quantum support stand
Quantum support stand
(Source: Asynt Ltd)

Designed to be an affordable entry-level system — Quantum is easy to set up and provides secure and stable support for all reaction vessels from 100 ml up to 5,000 ml and up to DN200 flange. Manufactured in the UK using stainless steel — the dual-rod design comes complete with two mounting brackets, a neck clamp to secure the vessel in place, as well as a bottom support ring and overhead stirrer bosshead. The dimensions of the stand are 106 cm (height), front width: 40 cm and back width: 21 cm.

It is fully compatible with all leading brands of overhead stirrer and with reaction vessels already established in the lab, stands the company.