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Recirculating Chiller Energy-efficient Compressor Technology

Editor: Doris Popp

IKA extends its range of recirculating chillers with the addition of the powerful and environmentally-friendly RC 2 Green basic and control models.

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RC 2 Green
RC 2 Green
(Source: IKA)

The new devices combine a natural coolant with the tried and tested demand-controlled compressor technology. According to IKA users can save up to 4 tons of CO2 over a period of ten years using the new circulation cooler as compared to conventional equipment. IKA achieves this significant reduction in the CO2 footprint as a result of the environmentally-friendly and natural coolant R 290 and the energy-efficient compressor technology. The coolant R 290 is classed as a pure hydrocarbon. It does not damage the ozone layer and has only a slight greenhouse potential. In addition, it has very good thermodynamic properties and promises a long service life for the recirculating chiller, even with future utilization requirements. Combination with the demand-regulated compressor in the RC 2 Green achieves a cooling capacity of 800 Watt and a minimum temperature of -30 °C. It also saves from 150 to 250 Euros per year of operation, calculated over a ten year period.