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Liquid Handling Contamination Protected

Editor: Dipl.-Chem. Marc Platthaus

Pipetting liquids without introducing foreign particles or microorganisms is a core task at many laboratories, for example when preparing samples or packaging media and buffers.

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Liquid Handling Station flow
Liquid Handling Station flow
(Source: Brand)

The new pipetting robot Liquid Handling Station flow from Brand allows you to set up a small cleanroom right inside the lab. The newly developed Flow box provides cleanroom conditions at the workbench. The filter cleans the intake air, then directs it horizontally in a laminar flow across the workplaces inside the Liquid Handling Station. With the door closed, the air inside the cabinet is replaced approx. 260 times per hour (at a volume flow rate of 22 m3/h), and exits through special openings in the front door. The system meets cleanroom requirements of ISO 14 644-1 (Class 5) and GMP Annex 1 (Class A). The software performs a three-minute air flushing routine before starting the pipetting process, leaving no measurable particles inside the cabinet. During the pipetting procedure, the air flow is controlled automatically and increases to 29 m3/h when the front door is opened. Achema: Hall 4.1, Stand G35