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Constant Climate Chamber Constant Climatic Conditions Even When Moisture Will be Emitted

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The constant climate chamber with advanced peltier technology from Memmert has earned the “eco” epithet. In continuous operation, it works around 90 percent more energy efficiently than compressor-cooled devices, does not require any refrigerant and is therefore nearly maintenance-free, the company states.

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Constant climate chamber HPP410eco
Constant climate chamber HPP410eco
(Source: Memmert)

The temperature control up to +70 ºC as well as the active humidification and dehumidification from 10 to 90 percent rh in the HPPeco are optimally tailored to the requirements of stability tests in pharmaceutical industry (Q1A). The high-precision control guarantees an absolutely homogeneous and stable distribution of temperature and humidity.

Due to the new micro-dosing pump and smart control, the interior of the chamber is delicately and quickly humidified. In addition, a peltier-based dehumidification system ensures that the climate is precisely controlled even at low relative humidity levels. This ensures constant climatic conditions in the chamber even when the test material emits moisture. The energy efficiency is set to double in this environmentally-friendly heating & cooling technology.

Thanks to the high energy efficiency, peltier technology results in savings in operating costs. Temperature setting range from

The Peltier-cooled climate chamber HPPeco is specifically designed for stability studies according to ICH guidelines (Q1A) as well as stability tests for cosmetics and food. Due to the large working range ascending from the freezing point, the climate chamber is also ideal for working materials testing and environmental tests in industry.
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