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Germany: Lipidomics Excellence Award Award Winning Approach Delivers First Molecular Map of “Lipid Highways”

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

The laureate of the world’s first Lipidomics Excellence Award, Prof. Dr. Anne-Claude Gavin from the University of Geneva, uses the analysis technology of Dresden based company Lipotype for the next breakthrough in her lipid transfer research. Drawing the world’s first molecular “map of lipid highways”, the scientist is tracing the ways of lipid transfer between the membranes of body cells.

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(Source: Lipotype / One.Photostudio)

Dresden/Germany — Latest research shows that the lipid metabolism plays a major role in the development of diabetes, cancer or Alzheimer’s. Once there is a better understanding of the ways certain lipids cause which effect, it may be possible to develop new potential treatment approaches. Prof. Dr. Anne-Claude Gavin from the University of Geneva explains that Lipidomics helps in answering questions that would not be asked without it: “It opens doors that may hold the answer to our civilization diseases.”


Life science researchers of various disciplines discover Lipotype’s Shotgun Lipidomics Analysis for their projects. So does the diabetes research: “Lipidomics is step by step revealing processes and connections that stay hidden with traditional analysis methods”, says Prof. Dr. Michele Solimena, Professor of Molecular Diabetology, Medical School, TU Dresden, Germany and Director of the Paul Langerhans Institute Dresden, a German Center for Diabetes Research. She pointed out that diabetes research made good progress thanks to lipidomics, e.g. it would be possible to define molecular lipid signatures that revealed insights into the development of non-diabetic to diabetes type 2 and progression towards diabetes complications.

World’s First Award For A Deeper Insight Into The Lipid Cosmos

The Lipidomics Excellence Award rewards innovation and the drive for novelty in researchers who strike out in a new direction using lipidomics. The winner Prof. Dr. Anne-Claude Gavin’s project idea stood out in a strong competition with numerous international scientists and research teams. Ultimately, a top-class independent jury of renowned lipidomics experts awarded the Geneva-based scientist with the first prize equalizing lipid analyses worth € 50,000.

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