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Ion Chromatography Anion and Cation Analysis of Drinking Water

Editor: Doris Popp

The new Thermo Scientific Dionex Easion ion chromatography system is designed to yield consistent results to routine anion and cation analysis of drinking water.

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Thermo Scientific Dionex Easion Ion Chromatography System
Thermo Scientific Dionex Easion Ion Chromatography System
(Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Offering preconfigured kits for analysis, a simple dilution of eluent and suppressant concentrates is all that is required, making the set-up and operation of the system quick and straightforward. The Dionex Easion IC system is equipped to run out of the box, including columns, a suppressor and consumable items required to perform IC separations. The system’s simple design requires no additional pumps or equipment—enabling users of all skill-levels the ability to run routine IC methods. The Dionex Easion IC system encompasses a single-flow path, simplifying operation and maintenance. It is designed without peristaltic and auxiliary pumps, which contributes to the reduction in analysis costs and system down-time associated with servicing.

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