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Gas Analyzers Analyzing Gases at Atmospheric Pressure

Editor: Doris Popp

With the new Omnistar and Thermostar Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces next generation gas analyzers.

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Compact benchtop instrument for gas analysis
Compact benchtop instrument for gas analysis
(Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum)

Omnistar and Thermostar GSD 350 are compact, portable benchtop analyzers for analyzing gases at atmospheric pressure. They are particularly used for applications in chemical processes, in the semiconductor industry, metallurgy, fermentation, catalysis, freeze-drying and environmental analysis. The gas inlet is fitted with a heated capillary for use at up to 350 °C. This prevents vapors from condensing during process gas analysis. Thanks to the two-stage inlet system, an almost segregation-free gas supply is possible. The Thermostar solution was specially developed for coupling with thermo balances. The inlet system with a quartz capillary and a platinum orifice ensures that even the smallest concentrations can be analyzed. The Omnistar was developed for a wide range of applications and uses a stainless steel capillary as well as a valve which can interrupt the sample gas stream. Unlike other analytical methods such as FTIR or GC-FID, the two new devices allow simultaneous detection of all gases within the mass range.