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Photoacoustic Microscope Analysis of Blood Vessels

Editor: Doris Popp

Semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation has announced its newest photoacoustic microscope, the Hadatamo Z (Zeta).

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Hadatamo Z (Zeta)
Hadatamo Z (Zeta)
(Source: Advantest)

Noninvasively acquiring blood vessel information within the dermis, the system visualizes the vessels as 3D images at high speed. Visualization of vascular network within the dermis is difficult with conventional imaging techniques, which have low resolution or shallow measurement depth. The new system is able to display 3D images of the vascular network by determining blood vessel structures with photoacoustic waves and dermis structures with ultrasonic waves. It then superimposes them to render 3D images with high resolution improved by a newly designed ultrasonic sensor. Information on blood vessels within the dermis is important for developments in the beauty and cosmetic field as well as the medical field. The Hadatomo is a photoacoustic microscope with great portability and excellent operability, equipped with a measurement unit mounted on a flexible arm, built on a system unit with caster wheels. It can radiate photoacoustic waves with two different wavelengths alternately.