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UK: Algal Biology Algenuity Appoints Pudney as New Chief Scientific Officer

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Algenuity has appointed Dr Alex Pudney as Chief Scientific Officer. He previously worked in both research and start-ups tackling issues of sustainability and renewable alternatives to petrochemicals.

Algenuity appoints Dr Alex Pudney as Chief Scientific Officer
Algenuity appoints Dr Alex Pudney as Chief Scientific Officer
(Source: Algenuity)

Stewartby/UK — The company which is operating in algal biology and industrial biotechnology announced that his skills in strain engineering, and his expertise in directed evolution and design of experiments, would already prove invaluable to team.

The new CSO said that he had always held the company in high regard. In his previous roles, he benefited from training in leadership, entrepreneurship and project management that took him beyond simply being technically proficient, and he was very keen to pass on what he had learnt. Dr Andrew Spicer, CEO of Algenuity, added that his company was delighted to bring him on board, and looked forward to the knowledge and experience he would bring to the team.

Algenuity is the biotech division of Spicer Consulting and consists of a multidisciplinary team of algal molecular biologists, bioinformaticians, software engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, physicists, and manufacturing experts.