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UK: Takeover Agar Scientific Buys EM Resin Manufacturer London Resin

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Agar Scientific announced the successful purchase of the EM resin manufacturer London Resin. The company has developed and supplied acrylic resins for microscopists since 1980. This acquisition is to ensure continued manufacture and supply of the complete product range.

London Resin Company produces acrylic resins for microscopists.
London Resin Company produces acrylic resins for microscopists.
(Source: London Resin Company)

Stansted/UK — London Resin’s specially formulated microscopy resins are considered the industry standard for many applications. Following the acquisition by Agrar Scientific, production of the LR White, LR Gold and Histocryl resins has now transferred to newly refurbished chemistry labs at the Stansted premises. There, exactly the same formulations and manufacturing processes are used to minimize the impact on customers and ensure supply chain security. Agrar Scientific has purpose-built a laboratory to meet current and future demand for these products, as well as expanding their chemistry capabilities to allow further developments in the future.

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