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3D Bioprinting Affordable Temperature Controlled 3D Bioprinter

Editor: Doris Popp

The Bioscaffolder Prime from Analytik is a new affordable high-performance 3D bioprinter which delivers precision engineering in a customisable platform.

BioScaffolder Prime
BioScaffolder Prime
(Source: Analytik)

The rapidly expanding field of 3D Bioprinting for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine combines biocompatible/biodegradable polymers with living cells. This bioprinter package offers researchers the ability to create bioscaffolds for cell growth as well as depositing layers of bio inks on implants or microfluidic objects. The Bioscaffolder Prime can be configured with a wide range of options to upgrade the system, as need arises. The 3D bioprinter can be equipped with multiple dispensing tools including core/shell tools for simultaneous dispensing of different materials. The Bioscaffolder Prime is versatile and adaptable for application specific configurations, making it the ideal temperature-controlled bioprinting platform.

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