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Multi Adapter Adapter Enables Parallel Chemical Reactions at Over 400 °C

Editor: Doris Popp

Manufactured from solid aluminium, the Drysyn Multi-M high temperature adapter was originally designed by Asynt for a customer who is now successfully undertaking novel nanoparticle synthesis reactions in parallel that require solution temperatures of up to and over 400 °C.

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Drysyn Multi-M high temperature adapter
Drysyn Multi-M high temperature adapter
(Source: Asynt)

With high temperature hotplate stirrers being generally much larger than those considered as “standard”, the new adapter plate ensures that the Drysyn Multi-M loaded with 3 x 250 ml round bottomed flasks can be accurately and securely positioned. Iif a solution temperature above around 280 °C level is required Asynt recommends the use of a high temperature hotplate stirrer such as the IKA HS7. This unit is capable of 500 °C and works perfectly with the new Drysyn Multi-M high temperature adapter allowing parallel experiments to be set-up and used in a secure central position.

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