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Process Spectrometers Active Control of Production Processes

Editor: Doris Popp

Further developed Polytec VIS-NIR process spectrometer systems have become more powerful and flexible.

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Polytec Process Spectrometer Systems
Polytec Process Spectrometer Systems
(Source: Polytec)

Polytec spectrometers are equipped with new operating electronics in order to realize real-time process analysis applications with high measurement rates and short measurement times. Integrated modern FPGA electronics enable faster data acquisition, processing and transfer, so that even time-critical applications can be addressed. Numerous I/O interfaces enable direct hardware connection and communication within industrial networks. This enables not only measurements, but also the active control of production processes. Based on the design without moving parts with holographic transmission grating and diode array detector, rugged Polytec spectrometers ensure maximum optical stability and sensitivity, the company states. Thus, the system should deliver precise and reliable measurement data even in harsh production environments. New feature of Polytec spectrometer systems is the possibility to connect up to six different fiber-coupled sensor heads or probes directly to the spectrometer unit.