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USA: Lab Automation Accelerate Research with High-Quality Robotic Tips for Laboratory Robotic and Liquid-Handling Systems

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

For use with robotic liquid handling and research workstations, Avantor has introduced J.T. Baker premium robotic tips. Engineered to help scientists and researchers move from discovery to delivery faster, the tips are ideal for a range of applications, from genomics and cell biology to proteomic workflows.

J.T.Baker premium robotic tips for laboratory robotic and liquid-handling systems
J.T.Baker premium robotic tips for laboratory robotic and liquid-handling systems
(Source: Avantor)

Radnor/USA — The premium conductive and clear J.T. Baker tips are now available from Avator. The tips are widely used on robotic research workstations for applications such as genomics, cell biology and proteomics. The robotic tips are designed and manufactured according to rigorous quality standards to help maximize robotic tool utilization and minimize lab downtime. The tips are part of a full line of automated precision plastics now being added to the company’s family of J.T. Baker products.

Avantor leverages decades of engineering and manufacturing expertise from its new Germany-based production team and facilities following the company’s recent acquisition of Ritter and its affiliates, one of the fastest growing manufacturers of robotic and liquid handling consumables, including conductive tips engineered to exacting standards. The ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified facilities offer a fully automated production line operated under clean room conditions for compatibility and cleanliness. Each batch of J.T. Baker robotic tips are independently tested to be free from DNase, RNase, ATP and pyrogens, to protect against contamination and ensure the highest levels of reliability and repeatability.

The tips are offered in two formats:

  • J.T. Baker conductive robotic tips are engineered to minimize downtime and keep operations running smoothly. Their proven design enables even small liquid volumes to be sampled with high precision and without contamination. The Hamilton and Tecan-type tips can be used in many robotic workstations.
  • J.T. Baker clear robotic tips provide superior performance for both sample preparation and drug discovery applications. The transparent tips enable visual recognition of foam to help ensure proper sampling.

The conductive and clear robotic tips are being supported for easy, convenient global ordering and delivery through Avantor’s e-commerce channel.